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    Brand Jordan x Model Reveal x
    Jordan Reveal

    Jordan Reveal: from the basketball courts to the streets

    Originally designed for basketball players, the Jordan Reveal also sets the pace in terms of street style, so that it is encountered away from the courts more and more often.

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    Michael "Air" Jordan: the godfather of basketball — and Jordan Reveal

    Can there be anyone who doesn’t already know the ultimate basketball player, Michael “Air” Jordan? This legend of the courts boasts six championship titles with the Bulls, and earned the honour of MVP five times in his career. On top of that come a variety of records and his legendary dunks and turns. No wonder, therefore, that Nike figured out what was up and equipped the famous basketball player with the right footwear all the way back in 1985. Since then, he has continued to ride the wave of success and the shoe, which is no longer reserved for Michael Jordan, has become available to all and has continued to set new trends with the birth of the Air Jordan brand. Even today, the sneakers trigger absolute hysteria among their fans – there is never a release without fans spending hours camping in front of stores, and every new model sells out within minutes. Special shoes can be recognized by the Jumpman logo, which shows the silhouette of Jordan himself in action. That logo is now an essential part of the Air Jordan concept, and the Jordan Reveal is no exception. In fact, the Jordan Reveal is the little brother to the Jordan Eclipse, which is the brand’s biggest sales hit. What makes the Jordan Reveal so unique is its focus on street style. As such, this isn’t a pure sports shoe – it’s a hip accessory that gives you the right sporting cred and marks you as a basketball expert.

    Basketball as a lifestyle

    If you can’t get enough of basketball, the Jordan Reveal or Jordan Reveal Premium are exactly what you’re looking for. The shoes feature an outer sole that cannot conceal its links with the Jordan Eclipse. Of course, Nike has opted to offer a mid-cut variant for its everyday sneakers, which makes the Jordan Reveal perfect on the streets. They therefore feature a significantly lower cut than the Jordan Eclipse, which makes them better suited for relaxing or just wandering around. The Jordan Reveal features an active, breathable mesh upper so you can say goodbye to sweaty feet, even when record-breaking temperatures are on the cards. Thanks to a Phylon midsole and a flexible core at the ball of the foot, you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. The sneakers are super light, utterly comfortable and offer a genuine boost to the health of your feet. After all, proper damping isn’t just important on dunks and rebounds. Naturally, the universally famous Jumpman isn’t left out: with a contrasting colour, he catches your eye immediately and lends the sneakers that special something.

    Pick up style points with the Jordan Reveal

    These strikingly different shoes were designed for cool basketball fans and their street styles, as well as for people who haven’t caught the basketball bug yet, and of course for trendsetters who always have a good nose for style. Of course, the typical basketball look goes best with these shoes. Combined with sporty shorts and a jersey (real experts will go for number 23, the legendary number that MJ wore for his career high points), these shoes make the leap from the courts to the streets for a cool urban look. Create the look using monochrome tones – Footlocker has the Jordan Reveal in all the right combinations of black, white and grey. If you like things a little funkier, Jordan Reveal has the right solution on hand, too: the trainers are now also available in striking, bright colours. Or simply take your lead from the master himself and choose the Jordan Reveal in glowing snow white. Basketball girls will love the Jordan Reveal just as much: pink or purple sneakers will make you into the female Air Jordan, even off the court, as long as you keep up with your training!

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