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    Nike, Goddess of Victory

    Back in the 70s, track and field coach Bill Bowerman and his student Phil Knight shared a simple idea: by connecting athletes with the warrior spirit of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, they inspired a powerful, Just-Do-It attitude that has stayed with the Nike brand through time. Now this fresh and modern brand offers athletes, trendy urban fashionistas and fitness lovers a strong range of sneakers, sports shoes, tops, track pants and accessories that are instantly recognisable. Famous for the iconic "Swoosh", Nike is one of the world's favourite urban fashion brands, and we're excited to feature it in our online shop.

    Casual, Sporty and Cool

    Nike offers a classic American style, but they are on-point no matter where you live. Nike is everywhere! In Europe, we love the fresh sneakers worn by our favourite bands or celebrities, but we also love the reliable quality and comfort the brand delivers. Shoes for basketball, running, cycling or skateboarding deliver on performance for the athletes, while urban shoes will bring style to your favourite outfits when worn with leggings, hoodies and jeans. But that's not the end of the story. The range also features T-shirts and fitness-friendly and casual street clothing that will make you feel fresh and relevant. Add in a pair of soft socks to keep your feet happy and that match perfectly with your new sneakers. The number of different colours means you'll always find the perfect pair, with pastels and primaries alongside the classic black, white and grey. How about breaking the mould with a sparkly gold or bronze shoe?

    Popular Brands

    Nike makes sneakers for cool and ambitious urban style-followers and athletes who love all things sleek. Want to enhance your performance? The sports research division has worked with young athletes to create shoes that improve performance on track and field. The Air Max 270 is a classic example. This is a collection that just keeps on giving, and you'll feel the difference that the good design of these shoes makes. Always on the lookout for performance-improving shoes, Nike has always created ultra-light and aerodynamic styles to improve speed. The brand has created the inventive air-cushioned soles and shoes with external heel counters like the Air Zoom. But if you just want to get hold of some lit sneakers to go with your favourite skinnies, then look no further than Nike!

    Not Only for Sports!

    The fashion-aware know that it's not only sports and fitness enthusiasts that love to wear Nike. With a huge range of unique colours, the brand lets you personalise your look. Best-selling brands at Foot Locker include Air Max, Air Force 1, Dunk, Free, Tuned and Zoom. Available in the most popular sizes, the brand ensures that your feet are always chic in high-performance shoes that are proven to last. Fill your shoe cupboard with styles from sporty to flash and you'll never run out of something to wear. Each season there are new releases and special offers on new styles.

    Nike at Foot Locker!

    Shopping for footwear at Foot Locker means you can get a fresh look for the weekends or a casual night out. A single pair of shoes can play double duty for sports as well as street fashion, taking you from day to night. You have to keep moving, right? Experience quality and style with Nike and other prime brands at Foot Locker.