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    Timberland – tough, trendy shoes with American flair

    For decades, the Timberland brand has been about hard-wearing, trendy outdoor shoes, with every model in its range embodying the American Way of Life. Since the seventies, the eponymous company from the state of New Hampshire has produced the hard-wearing footwear, with tough boots for all seasons as the core product. With striking heels, colorful laces and that special something extra, Timberland shoes take things a step further than other manufacturers’ shoes, making them into true trendsetters in the world of footwear. Our range includes an attractive selection of authentic Timberland boots and other shoe styles which will add a casual, functional finishing touch to your wardrobe for wearing every day, from college to the great outdoors.

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    A short history of Timberland

    The roots of this American shoe manufacturer go back to the post-war era. Nathan Swartz was a shoe-maker who spent two decades making custom footwear, with his shoes’ waterproofing being a key factor in their success. In 1973, he launched the Timberland and its weatherproof boots which were designed to repel water effectively. The name emphasizes the shoes’ suitability as outdoor wear, recalling the forests and the great outdoors. After just a few years, Timberlands were a massive sales hit in the USA, as a result of which, Swartz renamed his business and to The Timberland Company.

    Due to the company’s continuing success, the label became well-known in Europe and worldwide during the eighties. The traditional range of waterproof Timberland shoes was complemented by additional clothing and accessories, and the brand continues to offer a comprehensive selection of outdoor wear. The lacing used in the boots continues to be a hallmark of the brand, though other boots and everyday footwear are also available with an authentic Timberland label. Since the start of the millennium, the brand’s shoes and other fashion items have been firm fixtures in the hip-hop scene. Starting in New York, Timberland shoes successfully conquered the hip-hop subculture and you can no longer imagine contemporary streetwear without them.

    What makes Timberland boots so special?

    Over the decades, the company has remained faithful to its quality standards, even though a large proportion of the shoes are no longer worn in the great outdoors. As such, thick, high-quality leather is used in urban fashion footwear to create a tough and hardwearing companion for daily life. Thinner versions allow you to enjoy a closed shoe that leaves a great impression when you hit the clubs in the evening thanks to raised heels and a stylish look for men and women that was previously only available elsewhere.

    If you would like to wear your Timberland Boots or during a trip to experience nature, you’ll continue to find a huge selection of suitable models and collections. The strong laces firmly hold your shoes around your feet and are up to the job of overcoming any obstacle you might encounter in the wild. With a deep, cleverly formed profile, you’ll get a secure grip on almost any surface while looking after your feet and ankles. Thanks to the wide variety of styles, from authentic hiking boots to light leisure shoes, you’ll find suitable Timberland footwear for any conceivable use and now you can even buy Timberlands as loafers or slip-ons without the brand’s hallmark laces.

    A profile of the manufacturer’s most famous ranges

    If you want to experience the label’s authentic, original outdoor charm, the Classic Boots are the ideal choice. These ankle-high lace-up boots are made from real, water-repelling leather and are available for both children and adults. With the hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant rubber sole and the EVA midsole, a long lifespan and a secure gait are guaranteed with every step on every surface. The Classic Boots come in a wide variety of fashionable styles, with the natural leather look joined by a series of colorful variations! The Nelson model offers the same standards of quality but less height. This model is also available with colored leather to catch the eye, making this an attractive choice for wearing at work or in your leisure time. If you prefer a classic look and want to express your vintage style with a sought after choice of shoe, opt for the Grafton Hiker as an alternative to classic Timberland Boots.

    The Glastonbury by Timberland is a contemporary way to attract attention. This design consciously does without a higher heel, while the continuous, flat sole goes perfectly with casual, everyday styles. If you’re looking for something extravagant for concerts or clubs, wedges such as the Meriden Hiker Houndstooth are ideal. All models remain true to the brand’s authentic character and reflect its modest, natural charm with their styles. Stand out from the crowd every day with these classic shoes for men and women.

    Buy genuine Timberlands online at great prices

    If you don’t want to go without Timberland shoes for your next mountain walk, hike in the fall season or just for every day, we’ve got what you’re looking for. You’ll find a giant selection of top brand styles from the American manufacturer, with brand new models joining popular classics to ensure you find the right shoe for all aspects of your life. The brand’s high quality standards and rich traditions are on offer at an attractive price, with all ladies’, men’s, and children’s shoes waiting for you! Simply browse through the category and choose tough, waterproof footwear that’s just as versatile as you are!

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