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    Vans Old Skool - the legendary Vans Classic skate shoe

    Vans - this brand name is now electrifying the masses. The brand - in particular, the model Vans Old Skool - used to be a must-have item - especially in the skater scene. But, for years, the shoe has cut a fine figure even far away from the boards. An almost legendary trainer has emerged from the former classic skate shoe, which is celebrated as stylish, iconic, and the best of its kind. The signature feature, or characteristic of this shoe is the flat, yet thick sole, as well as the usual side stripes. But these are by far not the only attributes which make the Vans Old Skool seem so cool and casual.

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    Founder’s intention: Stability and sturdiness as characteristics

    Above all, the robustness of the shoe, the wearability, and durability are to remain clearly in focus. And this is by no means without good reason. After all, from the very beginning, the designer focused on sturdiness and stability. Thus, even back at the end of the 1960s, Vans specialised in the production of shoes with extremely thick vulcanised soles, which were manufactured with particularly sturdy yarn, as well as with durable, robust materials. The manufacturing company Vans, which operated under the name Van Doren Rubber Company as it was founded in 1960 in California, occupied - even shortly after its founding - a market space which was previously largely ignored. At the time, there were only three manufacturers worldwide offering shoes with vulcanised soles and extremely robust materials.

    Vans with the attitude of a Sherman Tank

    Founder Paul Van Doren pursued a very special philosophy. He intended to produce shoes which would seem as stable as a Sherman tank. This intention quickly ensured a clear-cut formation of a legend: The reputation of the indestructible Vans was born. In addition to this - now legendary - reputation, Vans introduced even more exceptional features rather quickly. At the same time, the first Vans models came to the market practically anonymously. After all, they had no catchy name - rather, they were designated solely with numbers. The number 44 served as a walking advertisement of the numbered shoe, which later was referred to as the Authentic Deck Shoe. Today, this shoe belongs among the absolute Vans classics. Also innovative was the offer to customers to bring their own material to the Vans store in Anaheim, with which individualised custom shoes could be created.

    From a number to a cult object

    Beginning with shoe number 44 or the Vans Authentic, over the years, models were designed which also followed the same philosophy, yet allowed for individuality and a multi-facetted look through various designs. In addition to the Vans Old Skool, it was the Vans Era in particular which caused quite the sensation. Skating icon Stacy Peralta not only promoted this skate shoe, but was also involved in designing its form. Thanks to this combination, the Vans Era ascended as an advertising superstar; promotion posters picturing Peralta with Vans Era on his feet could be found in nearly every large U.S. city. Inspired by the success of the brand, Paul Van Doren and his colleagues brought more classics to the market. Whether the Vans Slip-On, the high Vans Old Skool High or, for example the Vans Half Cab - the worldwide skater scene rejoiced over each model and raised the brand to cult status, even as early as the 1970s, which has not lost its power and flair even today.

    A shoe for all times and seasons: Vans - not limited to specific times of day

    Vans are not limited to a specific time of day – to the contrary! You only have to look at the Vans Old Skool models in our online shop once in order to see what we mean. Even at the first look at one of these Vans, you can clearly sense the charm, ruggedness, and yet inimitable coolness. The models are all outfitted with a vulcanised rubber sole and equipped with the typical Vans 8-hole lacing. They also contain a padded shoe sole. In order to optimise the wearability, the inner lining consists mainly of a suede-textile combination. Overall, you will notice that the Vans Old Skool doesn't look like the usual sports shoe by any means. Rather, it has developed into a trainer which can be combined with numerous outfits. Therefore, you can count on a sense of pure coolness, paired with a touch of sporty elegance, a visually striking appearance, or simply a shoe well-suited for everyday use.

    Vans Old Skool Hi - Classical High-Top skate shoe as a fashion trend

    If you prefer the classic black and white look, we provide an excellent selection of models, such as the Old Skool Chunky Glitter (for women), or the original Old Skool as the mens’ variant. If you want to include colour, the various versions of the model Mono (for women) come into focus. But even the boys’ or mens’ worlds are not excluded from the Old Skool models outfitted with visually striking colouring. For example, if you take a look at a model version, the bright yellow vans stripes on light and dark blue background serve as a real eye-catcher. The Vans Old Skool High provides a rather timeless, trendy look. With the high upper and its stylish exterior, it is regarded as the classical high-top skate shoe. The outer material of the Vans Old Skool High consists of a combination of leather and textile and offers a superior grip, thanks to the high upper. Therefore, you can use the Vans Old Skool High ideally for sport activities.

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