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Powered by you Inclusivity



At Foot Locker, we aim to create a more progressive future for all - regardless of gender, race, sexuality, size, or ability. Our Powered By You initiative is a celebration of empowerment and inclusivity. We want women to feel good in everything they choose to wear, whether it be for daily wear or sport. It’s their choice. We believe style shouldn’t be defined by size. That is why we now offer an inclusive women’s range covering sizes XS to XXXL from the greatest streetwear brands.

To bring our Powered By You initiative to life, we’ve teamed up with incredible talents who strive to achieve change for the future together. First up is dancer and content creator Natalie (@_.boujinatz). Comfort matters to her a lot, especially when she is dancing. “If I want to move without restrictions, I need to wear oversized clothing or even find something from the men’s collection.”

Stylist and sneaker enthusiast Harley (@haarlz) feels the same way. Her style is based on being comfortable, and she loves to match her outfits with her hair. “I wear a lot of oversized clothing and a lot of menswear mostly, as I think gender-neutral clothing should be more widely available.”

Last but not least, we also reached out to one of our UK Stripers, Summer (@summercoco_) to be part of our campaign. Summer works at the Foot Locker store on Oxford Street in London. Summer is one of the thousands of women who love to feel feminine but also likes to wear oversized pieces. “I feel free as a woman when I am wearing whatever I choose, even if it’s a men’s tracksuit. To me, it’s important that I feel good wearing it. What I love about being part of the Powered By You campaign is that it gives opportunity to everyone. New releases, new trainers – you get to wear whatever you want”.

Shop the look from the campaign below and don’t forget to check out our inclusive women’s range.