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Meet the Stripers

Meet the Stripers. They take their name after the stripes they proudly wear. They are Foot Locker’s face and heart.

The backbone of our community, the leading authority on sneakers. Heck, we even put them on our logo. And now, they are finally online. Get to know their stories, their passion, their favorite sneakers – they are telling it all, unfiltered.

Cherokee, Nuria and Nathalie

We proudly present to you our Stripers and changemakers Cherokee, Nathalie, and Nuria. They are bringing hope, creativity, and beauty to this world and to our Grey with a Pop of Color collection.

  • Meet Nuria

    A student and content creator who always expresses her clients vision in a creative way.

  • Meet Cherokee

    A model and creative changemaker with her own and unique style.

  • Meet Nathalie

    She creatively mixes old with new in her photography, tattoo art, and style.

Jumoke and Caprice

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we spoke to our Stripers, Jumoke and Caprice, and asked them what Women’s empowerment means to them. This story is part of our bigger initiative to aim and create a more progressive future for all. Curious to find out more? Read the full story here.

  • Meet Jumoke and Caprice​

    Meet our Stripers, Jumoke (22) and Caprice (24). They both work at Foot Locker in the UK. Want to know what they think of the newest drops? Read their Striper Reviews.

  • You Got the Power

    When you look good, you do good. Jumoke and Caprice tell us all about their go-to pieces to boost their confidence. Discover the items they talk about and more.

  • Killer Style

    Jumoke and Caprice tell us who their style Icon is and why.

  • Women’s Empowerment

    Jumoke and Caprice tell us what women’s empowerment means to them.