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Powered By You

Let's change the future together

At Foot Locker we are committed to harness our power and give a voice to those who feel unheard. To achieve this goal, we teamed up with talents from Europe to mark the launch of our two new initiatives during Women’s History Month. ‘Behind Her Label’ is designed to reduce the gender gap in streetwear culture and is part of our wider platform ‘Powered By You’. Together, we aim to create a more progressive future for all, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, size or ability. Meet the talents and find out about their stories below.

  • Meet Coco

    Coco is a fashion stylist, creative consultant and sneaker enthusiast. She also co-hosts a podcast called ‘Sole Intent Podcast’, where she talks about sneakers and all things culture.

  • Meet Lysa

    Lysa is a photographer and director based in London and Paris. She has created content for a wide range of clients such as ‘Curated By Girls’ – a platform focused on diversity and equality.

  • Meet Rhona

    Rhona is a stylist, writer and founder of THIIIRD - an independent magazine and inclusive platform amplifying underrepresented voices in print and online.

  • Meet Aida

    Aida is the founder of ‘Afro Kickz’ - a sneaker customization brand inspired by African imagery and Black Culture. Her mission is to educate, inspire and create art for those who are underrepresented across the globe.

Can’t get enough of these stories? We’ve asked two of our Stripers to share their views on women’s empowerment, and the steps that need to be taken to achieve a more inclusive world for all. Find out more and meet our Stripers.

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Need inspiration on what to wear to be your best self? We’ve got you. Our Stripers are here to tell you about the latest drops from our campaign and the best way to style them. Shop ‘em now or find out what their favorite items are in our Striper Reviews.